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We are the leading provider of complete outsourced support services for non-profit organisations in Asia, and a cost effective platform for you to fundraise efficiently.

Data Housing & Management

Our state of the art donor database centre houses your donor records and databases securely and safely.


Data Processing Software

Our custom designed donor management and payment processing software enables safe and secure donation transactions and reporting of donor data records.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Our services and facilities enable donor transactions to be analysed efficiently and accurately to give you a clear outlook of your existing business health and help gear you for upcoming trends and growth.

Donor Communications

Individually tailored donor retention and communication strategies for each client, that offers maximum ROI and minimum attrition rates over the entire donor lifecycle.

Fully Managed Donor Call Services

We also offer industry leading donor call services including inbound and outbound donor call management.


Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting and Reconciliation services that we offer provides fiscal clarity to you and your partners at any given time for improved planning and campaign mobility.




Our Unique Offering

SG understands your fundraising requirements and is a natural choice and has a unique offer…

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SG has a full suite of products to complement our services. These platforms are available to provide added flexibility to your organisation and extend your reach to the market.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Donor Loyalty Programme
  •  No License Fee
  •  Pay As You Go